Yes. Contact the RM office to see if a special events permit is required.

If so, under Municipal Services – Permits – scroll down to Special Events Application.  Please fill out this application and send it back to the RM Office so we may book your time slot and enter it in the community events calendar.  

Under the Special Events application you will see two other links, the AMM outside user liability guidelines for special events permit and AMM outside user portal for special events permit. Please read the first one, and the second one is a permit you must fill out to obtain the required liability insurance for your event(s) unless you choose to go through another insurance supplier.  You can make your payment directly by credit card on that form. To offset the insurance costs that are required by our insurer, we are offering the pavilion for use at no charge to our residents.  


The RM office can provide you with the dimensions of your lot and the nearest surveyor pin location (you may need a metal detector to locate). The best way to determine your property lines is to hire a surveyor. 

Contact information for surveyors closest to the Rural Municipality of Thompson are;

Barnes & Duncan in Morden

Pollock & Wright in Winkler

The RM office has bottles for bacterial testing available and submits samples to ALS every other week. Cost is $100.00 by cash or chq made payable to ALS.

Microbiological Analysis

Total Coliform (TC) and E. Coli (EC) analysis is recommended to meet the bacteriological parameters set forth in the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines. 

***Note that microbiological samples must be submitted in sterile bottles, must be kept cool but not frozen and time interval between collection and receipt of sample should preferably not exceed 24 hours. 

Bacti Sampling Instructions

Microbiological sample can be easily contaminated. Please follow these instructions when collecting a sample;

  • Remove aerator screen from drinking tap
  • Sterilize end of tap either with a) 5.25% bleach, b) 60% Isopropyl alcohol, c) if a metal faucet-flame for 20 seconds.
  • Allow cold water tap to run for three to five minutes prior to sampling.
  • Unscrew cap off the sterile sample bottle, being careful not to touch the inside of the cap or bottle with your fingers or the water spout.
  • DO NOT rinse the bottle out.
  • The sample should be taken directly from the source.
  • Fill to 100 ml line indicated on the bottle.
  • Cap the bottle (careful not to contaminate the cap)
  • The laboratory should preferably receive the sample within 24 hours of sampling.
  • If more than one sample is being submitted, please clearly identify each sample on the container as well as on the form. 

Mineral Testing

Several testing packages are available. Please phone the laboratory at 204-255-9739 for further information regarding testing packages available.

You may also contact Horizon Lab directly at 204-488-2035 or visit their website at (The RM would not be involved with this option)

Assessment Facts - Answering your questions about assessment document can be found here

A building permit is required for new construction, renovations, additions, alterations, re-locations and repair or rehabilitation of a building or structure. Some minor repairs do not require a permit.

The R.M. of Thompson office works with MSTW to apply for building permits. We can accept required documentation by fax, email or in person as well as payment to MSTW by cash or cheque at our office located at 530 Norton Ave, Miami. 

Some examples of projects which DO require a building permit:

  • Attached and/or detached garages and/or carports
  • Accessory buildings 107 square feet or more 
  • Decks (attached or over 2ft above ground)
  • Repair and underpinning of foundations
  • Pools capable of holding 24 inches or more of water
  • Demolitions of whole or part of a building
  • Any structural modification
  • Fence over 2m (6.56 ft) in height

  • If the work does not comply with MB Building Code requirements, costly repairs may result to you
  • Work started that cannot be made to comply may likely require removal
  • The cost of the permit will be doubled if work is started before obtaining a Building Permit
  • Legal action may also be initiated to ensure compliance
  • Insurance coverage may be denied
  • Selling your home may be difficult

A dust control contract is required. This is available on our website under documents or contact the RM office for a copy. Once the contract has been completed and returned to the RM office the applicant is responsible to contact the supplier to advise they are wanting dust control. The supplier will work with RM Public Works to have application occur after the 1st week of June. Applicant is responsible for payment directly to supplier.

For sub-division process please contact The Community and Regional Planning Office located in Morden.

Manitoba will begin phasing out education property taxes by implementing the Education Property Tax Rebate. For more information visit www.manitoba.ca/edupropertytax or call Manitoba Government Inquiry at 204-945-3744 or 1-866-626-4862.


Property Taxes are due the second to last working day in September of each year. Wednesday, September 28th is the due date for 2022.

Electronic Recycling is no longer accepted in Miami. Please check online for a depot near you.